Friday, April 25, 2008

The foetid underbelly of Broog's planet is home to the mating pools and the vasty larder of screaming human persons who have transgressed against the aesthetic of the universe in fundamental ways. And there are many of you.

Broog is so appalled by the egregious standards of recent filmicity that he has abandoned the medium all together.

Thus, there has been a silence from the tower of Broog, and beneath, his tiny worshipful human serfs (this would be you) have been left to fend for themselves in the dank and musty regions which might be called the armpits of Broog's estates, and to waste away in anticipation of one further glimpse of his physically unequalled beauty.

Broog is therefore pleased to make his first ever literary endorsement. The tome is called The Gone-Away World and features any number of preposterous notions, foolishnesses, and apocalypses. Broog was also pleased to note the ready availability of human sexual and emotional interaction, bawdy humour, and ninjas.

Amuse yourselves, tiny humans. The reading experience compares favourably with wallowing in warm slime and being rubbed in hard-to-reach places by trained courtesans - and Broog is very, very fond of warm slime.

Also, and Broog cannot stress this enough, ninjas.